Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Communicable Diseases

This time of year, my stress levels increase as flu season approaches. Over the past few days the stress has turned to mild panic. I keep hearing about a respiratory virus called enterovirus. I have read that it is hitting the Midwest and causing kids to have some pretty severe responses. Most cases seem to be in children who are immune compromised or have an underlying medical condition. Well ladies and gentlemen, that's Logan. 

Now he and Lauren are in school. Joel works at a school and I'm an ER nurse. We sound like a bad Petri dish of germs waiting to happen. To top it off, we also have almost 10 nurses in and out of our house. I'd say we all have decent hygiene but that's doesn't feel like enough.

I'm so scared to even touch or kiss Logan. Now I'm worried about sending him to school. (Sarah, I left you a voicemail) If he became sick with this virus, I worry he wouldn't be strong enough to fight it. If he required ventilatory support, would we be able to get him off it? 

These are all questions Joel and I toss around in our heads as we worry about Logan getting sick all the time. Now it feels a little more worrisome especially when there are so many other bugs out there right now. We know the big bad respiratory illness that landed Logan in the hospital for a month and a half a few years ago was a virus, parainfluenza. We were told that during that winter that parainfluenza was hitting kids like Logan harder than usual.

Sounds too similar to what we are hearing now. I know we will be faced with some big decisions about Logan's future someday, just praying no sooner than it has to be. So for now, I will probably keep panicking. It's my job as a mom! I have some calls to make tossed about school options and maybe a call to the pulmonologist to make sure I'm not going overboard! 

We appreciate all the continued support of Logan. We love to hear that so many pray for him and keep him in their thoughts! P.S. Please cover your cough and wash your hands (just had to throw in the PSA!)

All the best,

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Logan's Make a Wish celebration photos

Logan had his Make a Wish celebration in July. It was such a blast! Our wish granters Barb and Donna planned a blowout bash. It was carnival themed and had everything we asked for and more. It was beyond what we would have ever expected. 100 of our family and friends attended to help Logan party and I think everyone had a great time. The pictures tell it all. 

Thank you again a million times over to Barb, Donna, and the Make a Wish Foundation. We are so blessed to have been given this opportunity. 

Thank you to all the volunteers and vendors  that made Logan's special day happen:

Liv H 
Jayne B 
Kelly C 
Andrew S 
Olivia M 
Alex M 
Jennifer M 
Brenda S
Amber S 
Debbie C 
Kyle G 
Lyn O 
Abbey O 
Sabrina O 

Photo Booth Creations (Stacy)

TD Happy Faces (Face Painter "TaDa"  & "Pickles" the clown
Steve aka "Mr. Fun"
Mandona Moshrefzadah 
Hasse Family (Petting Zoo)
Jill (DJ)
Adagio Entertainment
Elk River Park & Recreation